Niedermayr in Regensburg integrates the so far biggest Combijet 9NET fold-gluing system


Combijet 9NET with 26 applicator heads

In the middle of March 2012, Graphische Kunstanstalt Franz Anton Niedermayr in Regensburg, Germany, has put the new manroland LITHOMAN S 96-page press into operation. The unique configuration of the press which can print up to a width of 2.86 m and newly integrated technologies result in additional processing varieties. In the field of inline finishing, Niedermayr has decided to integrate a Combijet 9NET fold-gluing system of Planatol.

Folder 1 was equipped with 14 and folder 2 with 12 applicator heads. With a total of 26 applicator heads, up to 96 pages size DIN A4 can be glued at speeds of up to 15 m/sec.

Every day millions of periodicals, magazines and newspaper inserts are being glued during the printing and folding process. It has long become state-of-the-art to equip offset presses with systems for inline gluing.

Combijet 9NET is a high-performance system for fold-gluing. Apart from the user-friendly operation, other outstanding features of Combijet 9NET are, for instance, its product memory for up to 150 productions, which ensures short set-up times, or its convenient maintenance with integrated cleaning functions.

In the past, Niedermayr had already made very good experiences with Combijet systems. The new Combijet 9NET is the third system to be installed at Niedermayr since 2002. “With a press of such a high capacity, it is indispensable to integrate absolutely reliable components. Due to the excellent quality of the Combijet 9NET system, we have decided to install it also in the new press“, emphasizes Johannes Helmberger, Owner of Franz Anton Niedermayr.

“We are very pleased and proud that Niedermayr has once again decided to install a Planatol fold-gluing system. It is our philosophy to produce fold-gluing systems of the best quality and to always account for the latest technical requirements. We have equipped nearly all 96-page presses all over the world with our Combijet systems”, says Frank Heuer, Managing Director of Planatol System GmbH.

For more than 50 years, Planatol has been offering integrated solutions for longitudinal and cross-web gluing. In addition to manufacturing high-tech systems, Planatol has specialized in adhesives for job and newspaper printing. The fold-glues are carefully adapted to the process of rotary fold-gluing and are permanently being optimized. Niedermayr also uses Planatol fold-glues.

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